On the menu – cooking from Twitter and Pinterest

Last week’s cooking from Jamie Oliver seriously dampened my cooking mojo, so I’m back to cooking shiny sparkly things that catch my eye on social media …..


This is ‘Super smoky bacon and tomato spaghetti’ from BBC Good Food and it was okay. Other than the obvious nemesis of my ‘I think that I should be vegetarian’ part of my personality, ie bacon, I was heavily attracted to this recipe because it has paprika in, I adore paprika. Anyway, even with bacon and paprika, it was pretty much just a tomato pasta sauce, so really nothing to write home about (not getting my cooking mojo back am I?).


This was Creamy Pumpkin Marinara from Cookie + Kate and it was much nicer, thick, flavourful and comforting. It’s healthy too, I, ahem, had a double portion (I am completely incapable of not cooking too much pasta) and that was, in my estimations, the equivalent of three of your five a day (if you’re having an actual sized portion, it’s 1 1/2: 1/2 portion red pepper, 1/2 portion tomato and 1/2 portion pumpkin). Will definitely make again.

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