Sneak peek – embroidery sampler

I’m doing another Creativebug monthly challenge, this time it’s embroidery, yay! The class is held by Rebecca Ringquist, you can order the sampler from her, as I’ve done or you can use plain fabric. I started the challenge a little late, as it took time for the sampler to wing its way across from the States but I quickly caught up, as the initial stitches are quite easy. Although already there have been a few stitches that were new to me, namely the chessboard stitch and the wheat ear stitch (the wheat eat stitch is pretty cool). I am really enjoying the opportunity to raid my thread stash and use lots of different types and thicknesses of thread. I’ve always wanted to make a sampler for future reference, like samplers used to be used for.

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  1. lucyannluna says:

    Looks fantastic


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