Hi, my name is Jo Stafferton, I’m the hands behind Brighter Industries and I have a passion for anything that involves a needle and thread! Brighter Industries is still in its infancy at the moment but I hope to bring you lots of cross stitch, embroidery and textile work, both as patterns, so that you can have a go yourself or as pieces made by me. I also love photography and illustration, so I have a feeling that those are going to pop up too! You can find my shop over on Etsy and Folksy.

Although not London born and bred, I’ve been based in the city now for over 20 years (eek time flies), so I like to hope that my adopted hometown has adopted me too! I love living somewhere where everything is on my doorstep and my favourite things to do are to go for lots of walks (to those non-Londoners out there, London is a lot greener than you may think!) and to haunt my favourite museums. London is a big inspiration for me, this city has industry, history, and innovation in its blood and I’m hoping that some of that will spill through into Brighter Industries.

You can find my portfolio here.