September 2019 photos

I’ve been visiting Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, a lot, it’s looking wonderful at the moment in a sort of damp, grey, fading, atmospheric gloominess. I also visited the V&A for the recent London Design Festival, to be honest, it wasn’t my most favourite of festivals this year, hence not many photos, but there were…

July 2019 photos

Southbank. Soho. I had two trips to Tate Modern this month, the first trip. Home. The second Tate Modern trip, where we saw the absolutely excellent Olafur Eliasson exhibition, one of the best exhibitions I’ve been to in ages, it’s a lot of fun. An actual cloud!

April 2019 photos

Lots of photos this month, starting off at one of my favourite places in the V&A, the cast courts. Then onto Moel Famau in North Wales. Then back closer to home in Kew Gardens. They’ve currently got a Chihuly exhibition on, which is very good. Then even closer to home, in Richmond Park.

January 2019 photos – aka the Shoreditch Street Art Post

January has not been that photogenic for me, however we did go and have a look at the street art in Shoreditch, as S had recently been on a school art trip to the area and she wanted to share what she’d learnt. Chewing gum art outside Old Street station. A commissioned piece by Camille…

Sneak peek – pin cushion

I’ve been working a lot on my very delayed ebook this week (it’s amazing how having some time off from ‘actual’ work, can speed things up). I’ve been writing the how to section and doing some illustrations, here’s a pin cushion. I hope that the ebook will be out sometime next month. Here’s the cover.

A day out in tweets

We had a nice day out today, I’ve just tweeted on my personal account about it and now I’m too tired to write anymore, so I thought I’d just link to the tweets, there’s some stuff that we did today, that I would very enthusiastically recommend, others not so. Saw this today and it is so…

Sneak peek – week 2 – Inktober

  This week on Lisa Congdon’s Creativebug Inktober course, it’s been flowers, some I’ve absolutely loved doing and I’ve been really pleased with the result, others have been distinctly meh, but still, I am still absolutely loving working with ink.

Make It In Design Summer School

Last summer I took part in the Make It In Design Summer School, I did the intermediate track. Anyway, there were two briefs, Jungle Bugs, by piece for which is above 👆 and an etched flower theme and for that, considering I’d just spent all spring and summer embroidering flowers, I adapted one of my…

Sneak peek – book progress

I had planned on getting my flower embroidery ebook out in August but life got in the way. However I am now making good progress, the patterns have been redone in Illustrator (most of the originals were hand drawn) and placed in the bare bones structure of the book. I just need to sort out…