Sneak peek – week 2 – Inktober

  This week on Lisa Congdon’s Creativebug Inktober course, it’s been flowers, some I’ve absolutely loved doing and I’ve been really pleased with the result, others have been distinctly meh, but still, I am still absolutely loving working with ink.

Finishing Lisa Congdon’s pattern month

So, I’ve finished Lisa Congdon’s pattern month over on Creativebug. I loved doing it, Lisa Congdon is an absolute hero of mine and it was an excellent way to start 2018 in a way I hope to continue, with painting or drawing (nearly) every day. I particularly liked the last three lessons, well, maybe not…

5 things I liked this week – 19.1.18

1. More painting on Lisa Congdon’s Creativebug course. 2. Roasted, cubed aubergine. 3. The Chalk Man by CJ Tudor is so good (but very scary), the audiobook is very good too. 4. Sunny, winter days. 5. The teachers at my kids’ school, I like how they seem much more human (which, of course, they are)…

Sneak peek – things I’m interested in

I haven’t had much creative time this week (unless you count kitchen time, which I think does count) and I’ve been missing it. I did have a chance, however, to start a new Lisa Congdon class on Idea Generation, the first exercise of which is to list things you’re interested in, so ….. ta da!

Concertina book

Concertina book from J Lacer on Vimeo (bit jerky, sorry, it’s not the best video but on the plus side, it’s short!) I worked my way through Lisa Congdon’s Creative Bootcamp over on Creativebug, sharing the various pieces I did in my Sneak Peaks (here, here, here, here and here) but I never did blog the final…