5 things I liked this week – 16.3.18

1. Being able to get some washing on the line, at least briefly.

2. Learning some new stitches with the Creativebug embroidery stitch-a-long (I’ve been embroidering for years and so it’s cool that there’s still some new stitches out there for me to learn).

3. A lovely Mother’s Day with my kids.

4. Finishing an audiobook that I had been finding a bit boring, yes, I know, I should have just stopped listening to it anyway but in the midst of all the boring stuff, there were some good bits (it was a non fiction book), so I wanted to plough on but I am glad that I’ve finished it now.

5. Making progress on the Modern Folk Embroidery sampler, you may remember from an earlier post that I’d had problem after problem with it but I’ve now finished January and am well into February. I know that I won’t have finished March by the end of March but my aim is to at least start March this month and to be all caught up, with April completed too by the end of April.

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