What I’ve been working on this month – October 2019

Top to bottom, left to right – Another Good Times blanket, the run-up to Christmas is obviously not the run-up to Christmas for me, unless I’m making this blanket for someone, last year I made two. I will one day release more stuff in the shop, just gotta make that sample first. More Madrid stitching….

Sneak peek – more horse

I’m not getting much craft time at the moment but I’m enjoying seeing the horse forming, when I can. I’m also enjoying looking back at earlier weeks photos, to see how far I am progressing.

Punch Needle

I’ve been intrigued by punch needling for a while but it was Arounna Khounnoraj’s new book, Punch Needle that sold me, just that cushion on the front cover, *swoon*. It has lots of nice things inside too, this is one of those craft books where if I saw any one of the projects on sale…


I’m trying to switch to more reusable stuff and there’s nothing better than a bad cold to make you think about getting rid of those paper tissues. I’d had a packet of Sublime Stitching embroiderable handkerchiefs in my stash forever, so now was the time. All the motifs I used were also from Sublime Stitching….