On the menu: Rice, Courgettes, Pickled Vegetables


This is the rather adapted Rice, Courgettes, Pickled Vegetables recipe from Nigel Slater’s Greenfeast: Spring, Summer. I’ve been cooking a lot from recipes by people like Jack Monroe and Miguel Barclay recently, so I’d forgotten quite how much ‘normal’ cookbooks can be a bit OTT on the unusual/expensive ingredients. This required Japanese pickles, pickled ginger and seaweed flakes, I swapped those out by quick pickling some cucumber and frozen grated ginger and well, I don’t really like seaweed anyway. I think I kept to the spirit of the recipe though and the result is really nice, really sort of green and refreshing (and filling). I will definitely make again, which is good as I did splash out on sushi rice for this (which wasn’t the easiest thing to find), I like how you could have so many different combinations of veg with this.

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