Sneak peek / garden progress

The first flower in my tin of bee friendly flowers, opened today. I think it’s a cornflower?

I planted some fuchsias this week. The plant in between is garlic chives, which had been in a pot on my garden table, I’d temporarily stuck the fuchsias next to it, whilst I was getting ready to plant and I thought that the garlic chives purple flowers went well with the fuchsias. I’ve since dead headed the chives, as the flowers were fading, fingers crossed for some more, and if I manage not to kill off the fuchsias, I think the flowers all mingled together will look nice when the plants are bigger.

I finished planting up my hanging herb garden a few weeks ago, with the additions of parsley, lemon balm and another thyme. I’ve also planted up some sage and oregano in a pot underneath. The parsley and lemon balm are doing well, they’ve grown massively since I’ve planted them, although they’re both extremely thirsty. The newly planted thyme though, not so well, particularly compared to the thyme on the left, which is just a supermarket plant, that one is growing really well.

Talking of supermarket plants, I think I’ve broken a personal record for how long I’ve kept this greek basil alive, it’s growing well too and it’s leaves are great in tomato pasta sauces. The two chilli plants next to it are jalapeños, I also have another three outside, I’m experimenting to see if I can get away with growing them outside, the kitchen window pot is my back up. So far both my inside and outside jalapeños are doing well, my back garden is a heat trap, so I think I’ll be able to get away with it. Next to them, in the tin can, is my just about surviving Demon Red chilli. I tend to get my veg plants always from the same supplier and they’re usually pretty good but this year the Demon Red chillis were shrivelled sticks with dried leaves and most of my courgettes didn’t survive planting. Anyway, the least shrivelled stick got to go on the kitchen window sill, the rest outside. The outside ones have died but this one does have some new leaves.

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