On the menu – Pasta con Peperoni alle Erbe, Gnocchi al Pomodoro and Brown Rice Bibimbap


Yes, I’ve hit the Gino D’Acampo pasta book again, this one with yellow peppers and lots of herbs is rather nice, although I changed it a bit by swapping the thyme with oregano, as that’s what I had and adding pancetta. Unfortunately I managed to burn the pancetta, I will have to add it later next time and yes, there will be a next time.


(Bad photo of the week)

Gnocchi al pomodoro is another Gino’s Pasta recipe and it was okay. It was just basically gnocchi in a tomato sauce topped with cheese, so perfectly nice but I would have preferred the top to be a bit crispy.


This, brown rice bibimbap from The Art of the Larder was absolutely gorgeous. I adapted the recipe a bit, I’m not a big fan of bean sprouts or mushrooms, so I replaced them with aubergine and red onion, I also skipped the fried egg and used pancetta for the optional meat. I think this is a great recipe for using whatever veg you’ve got / fancy, it does take a little while, all that frying of everything separately but it was very relaxing and quite simple.

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