Thames Path (south) – Mortlake to Putney Bridge (section 1c)

So, I did the next bit of the Thames Path (south) today, section 1c, Mortlake to Putney Bridge. The weather was gloomy and it all felt rather Dickensian.

With this subsection, I really liked how you could see the river’s surroundings become slowly more central London-ish. Although there were still a fair share of slightly muddy paths, so surrounded by trees you couldn’t even really see the river properly. Also, this section goes by the Leg o’ Mutton Nature Reserve and the London Wetlands Centre, not that you’d be able to tell, due to the aforementioned trees, again.

Unlike, great chunks of the Capital Ring, this path seemed really busy, even on a dull Wednesday morning in November, I can imagine you can probably not move for joggers at the weekends in the summer.

I have nothing against trees but I do prefer having a nose at posh buildings.

The lights from Fulham stadium in the distance, the rowers providing a splash of colour.

The end of Beverley Brook, which I have a soft spot for as she’s a character in the Rivers of London plus it runs through Richmond Park. I plan on doing the Beverley Brook walk soon-ish, so will be here again at some point.

Putney Bridge! I was rather glad to see it by this point, as I was rather knackered. I had originally planned to do both subsections 1c and 1d but my feet were misbehaving and not properly recovered from last week’s very long walk, so I thought I’d better be sensible, although as the surroundings were significantly changing by this point (no more muddy, densely tree lined paths) I was tempted to continue.

A sad lost toy and another splash of colour in an otherwise very brown toned walk.

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