5 things I liked this (past 3) week(s) – 21.7.17

Hi, sorry about my absence, I finally had the surgery that I’d been waiting for quite a while, at the end of last month. I haven’t been doing much these past 3 weeks or so (obviously) other than reading a lot of books, watching TV and cross stitching. I’m on the mend now, although it will still be quite a while before I go on any more long hikes and my cooking is still, unfortunately, at more or less the ‘take it out of a packet and heat it up’ level (and I so miss cooking …. and baths, I’m not allowed to take a bath for another week!). Anyway, here are some random things that I’ve liked in the past three weeks or so (no particular order).

  1. I was intrigued by the trailers for Top of the Lake: China Girl, so I thought I’d better catch up with the original series and I’m glad I did, because it’s brilliant! The original Top of the Lake is currently on Netflix and if you like well shot, slightly strange crime drama, it’s one for you.
  2. Keeping with the Elizabeth Moss love in, The Handmaid’s Tale continues to be brilliant too.
  3. The final episode of the current series of Doctor Who was fantastic, I will so miss Peter Capaldi.
  4. BUT the next Doctor is female, I was so, so pleased about that!
  5. Game of Thrones is back! And I love how for all those seasons of (mainly) male posturing, it’s the women making the moves now.



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