Sneak peek – Mario map progress

I have several long term projects on the go, and when I say long term, I’m talking years. When I work on a particular long term project, I tend to devote all my crafting time to it, the other long term projects don’t get a look in, and I can sometimes be working on the same thing for months before getting bored of it and switching to another project.

The current long term project seizing all of my attention is the Mario Map (pattern by Boxcat), I’ve been working on it for about a month, and in that time I’ve managed to do, roughly, everything from the tip of Bowser’s ears, down. That blue, in particular, took a blinking long time, however, fortunately (particularly fortunately, as there are some parts of the pattern where it is pretty much all blue), I like stitching that blue, it’s strangely relaxing. Whereas when I stitched the orange of the cliff walls, sometime last year, that was very, very boring.

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