Sneak peek – garden progress

I’m making progress with my garden, some new plants have joined, including a hanging tomato plant which was an absolute bargain from Wicks.


And a catmint, which hasn’t yet (as far as I know) attracted any cats but the bees absolutely love it, it’s lovely watching them go from flower to flower in a business like, orderly manner.


My salad is growing well, in the most part anyway, the container nearest my backdoor (benefiting, I guess, a little more from the warmth and shelter of the house) had far more vigorously growing mizuna than the container with my other mizuna (and other salad plants) further away from the building.


In that container, I’ve also stuck in some supermarket herbs, still in their pots, so they’re easier to remove if I need to, the mint is doing well, the basil is doing well-ish and the parsley is struggling a bit, it doesn’t like it when it’s too cold and it doesn’t like it when it’s too hot.

I’ve started harvesting some of the salad now, which is fantastic.


The mustard frill, as you can see from the photo, has bolted, I barely got any crop from that, in a blink of an eye it went from too small, to like this. The mizuna in this container (the one not so close to the back door) is catching up with the mizuna in the other container. The rocket is quite slow growing, which is good because I have the mizuna to eat at the moment but I will have to watch to make sure that that doesn’t bolt too.

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