Ribbon tie waisted skirt

I am such an impatient craft blogger, as far as finished item photos go, so sorry, not the best photo, I swear that the hem is actually even, it’s just how I’m leaning on the table and yep, I can see a thread I missed by my knee and yep I cropped the photo, as umm, I look knackered, hot and my hair is ultra frizzy.

Anyway, the skirt is of course made with the iconic Cotton & Steel fabric, which I had been eyeing all last year and I was being really good, I didn’t buy it and then I was given a free ticket to a craft festival last Autumn and there it was …. I couldn’t resist. So of course, after months of lusting after it, I was way too nervous to actually cut into it, that and it is a really lightweight fabric, so I knew anything I made would be a summer item and as it was by that point Autumn, I thought it best to wait.

When I was eventually brave enough and the weather had warmed up, I consulted my favourite skirts book and drafted a simple A-line skirt with a ribbon tie waist. I’ve tried drafting skirts before, with not much success, so I was playing it safe with not making this skirt fitted (I wanted the skirt to be gathered anyway) but it did occur to me, after I started cutting into my precious fabric that maybe I should have tested this pattern on something I was less attached to first (another fault of mine, I’m too impatient to make muslins). Luckily *phew* it all went okay and I’m really pleased with the result, I think (unlike other items I’ve made this year) this is actually something I’m going to wear regularly (once I’ve chopped that rogue thread off). I’m happy now too that I’ve got a basic skirt pattern that I can adapt to make some more skirts because boy, do I have skirt plans, I’ve got a backlog of material in my stash bought for skirts and it is now very definitely skirt season (in the winter I live in jeans, in the summer it’s skirts, jeans are way too hot). I have at least two more skirts in my mind’s eye now, both will be suitable for summer weather but they’re heavier fabrics than the Cotton & Steel fabric, so will be more suitable to more typical British summer weather (the weather at the moment does not feel that typical).


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