5 things I liked this week – 6.1.17

1.img_8726It was my birthday this week, S made me a lovely victoria sponge (one of her specialities).

2. K got me an Aeroccino to go with the Nespresso machine that I bought myself for my birthday last year. It’s lovely and now I can make cappuccinos and frothy hot chocolate, yum.

3. There’s a new Lisa Congdon class series over on Creativebug and it’s six weeks long (*runs round screaming in delight)! I’ve been following along and having lots of fun so far.


4. I’m an intermittent runner, I’ve successfully completed couch to 5k training twice, I’ve done a couple of 5k fun runs and even a 10k one but there’s always something that stops me, usually injury, illness or winter and I won’t run again for months or even years and I have to start all over again. Although my favourite form of exercise is walking (in case you hadn’t guessed), I like running because it has a lot of the same advantages as walking, it’s free and it’s outside (treadmills, yuck) and it has, I think, one advantage over walking, especially at this time of year, in that with my walking routes, ideally I prefer constant novelty, otherwise I get bored and just won’t go for walks, with running, although it is great to get outside, I’m much less demanding of the scenery I’m running in, as I’m too busy concentrating on not tripping up over my own feet, so I’ll happily run through grey streets or grey parks, whereas walking through them would be a bit blah.

So, I’ve started running again. I need to do couch to 5k again, as it’s been way over a year (*cough* more like two, maybe three) and instead of going for the couch to 5k app I normally use, I’ve decided to inject a bit of fun into my training this time and go for the Zombies! Run couch to 5k app and it’s brilliant! It’ll be interesting to see if this app can actually get me doing 5k, as with the app I used to use, I’d come to the end of the training and I’d be able to run for the full length of the training session but because I’m an embarrassingly slow runner, I never, in the training session time anyway, actually ran 5k, my distance would be more like 4.5k. The training routine for the Zombies! Run version is a bit different, so maybe, just maybe, it’ll make me a bit faster.

5. I’ve been watching Italy’s Invisible Cities and it’s brilliant. Combining two things I love; Italy and underground stuff, it’s got Alexander Armstrong and a historian guy going round various Italian cities and exploring underground tunnels to find old ruins. The first episode is in Naples, an Italian city I’ve not visited and I so want to go!

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