On the menu – more Molly On The Range



My love for the Molly On The Range book continues, any book with three macaroni cheese recipes is a good book in my opinion. This one is Gruyere Mac and Cheese with Caramelised Onions and it was delicious. The onions were cooked in lots of butter over the lowest of heats for 40 minutes, I’m usually nervous about cooking onions for that long as I’m more likely to end up with lumps of charcoal than caramelised onions but it worked! The cheese sauce had lots of paprika in, which as well as making it taste nice, gave it a rather pleasing plastic pink tint, like mac and cheese from a packet (but obviously infinitely nicer). I did have to make a few changes to the recipe, I didn’t have ‘swiss cheese’ (I’m not even sure what that is), so I increased the amount of gruyere and I didn’t have any breadcrumbs for the topping but I think it all worked out okay. K really liked it too but S didn’t due to the *shock* inclusion of vegetables and the ‘cheese tasting funny’ (which was probably the paprika), I didn’t even try and give it to Z, as he’s fussy.

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