Lost At Sea

Lost at Sea: The Jon Ronson MysteriesLost at Sea: The Jon Ronson Mysteries by Jon Ronson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think I probably got this audiobook a few months ago because it was one of Audible’s daily special offers, so I didn’t pay that much attention to what it was about, other than the fact that it was by Jon Ronson and I had listened to another one of his audiobooks and enjoyed it (he narrates them himself, which is always an added bonus). I think though, that with the title ‘Lost at Sea’, I had been expecting a book of sea based mysteries, when actually there was only one sea based story.

Lost at Sea is a collection of Ronson’s stories that he’s worked on as a journalist for the Guardian and as a documentary maker. The stories range from the gently bizarre, such as Robbie William’s interest in aliens to the much more sad and depressing, as in the case of the trial of Jonathan King. I spent much of the book wishing I could be Jon Ronson, able to jet off and interview interesting people I was curious about, such as real life superheroes and the man who faked a career’s worth of record sleeves, but then you see in other stories, like the Jonathan King story or a story about a cult that donated kidneys, the way how some people try to manipulate him.

This book is getting on a little now and some of the stories are a little old (if you like your off the wall news reporting to be very current), there’s a theme running through many of the stories in the book of how the credit crunch affected people and those were amongst the saddest.

Other stories of note were a story about a mass murder attempt in the real life North Pole, somewhere where it is Christmas everyday, the story about disappearances from cruise ships (which are scarily common and under policed), the Frank Sidebottom story (which I vaguely remember from my youth) where it turns out that Ronson used to play keyboard in the band and a story where Ronson interviewed a chain of people where each person in the chain earned five times more than the previous person. All the stories were interesting though (a few a bit graphic and disturbing).

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(I mentioned back in one of my introductory posts, that I had thought of a crafty twist to the book reviews I used to do over on Lacer’s Life, well my ‘crafty twist’ is to personally illustrate the book I’ve just read and to post that along with my review. So the above picture is my interpretation of Lost at Sea, it’s not much of an interpretation to be honest, it’s just some of the things that featured in the book and my Illustrator skills need some work, but hey, practice. I’m not going to digitally illustrate every book I read but I will do something for each book, some books, yes it will be a practice piece I’ve done in Illustrator, other books will have a hand drawn piece, whereas others will have embroidered pieces or photos or even – because some fiction has inspired me to do this in the past – something I’ve cooked up in the kitchen).

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