5 things I liked this week – 18.11.16

1. Cooking ‘proper food‘, I don’t do it enough.

2. I’ve loved that it’s been milder this week, Autumn got too cold too quickly for my liking.


Late night crafting = bad in the moment photo

The vast majority of my crafting at the moment is crafting that has a purpose, which is great and all that but sometimes just taking a break and crafting something just because, is much more relaxing. I’ve been working on my diamond hex quilt project for a long time but it’s been very neglected over the last few months, so it was sooo good to get back to it, even just for an evening with a good audiobook.

4. I’ve just discovered the Molly on the Range book and it’s brilliant! Recipes and stories from an unlikely farm girl, the stories are so readable and the recipes look gorgeous, I will review is properly when I get a chance to cook from it.

5. A good couple of meetings about Z (my son) and his next educational step.

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