Elephant Ear Plant

I’ve finally finished the Elephant Ear Plant embroidery. The pattern is by Sarah K Benning, it’s not currently in her shop but this cute cat and rug pattern currently is.

Sneak peek – still more elephant ear plant and rug

I’ve just run out of the colour that I’ve been doing the French knot fill, on the rug. As long as I can get some more, without having to order it, I should hopefully finish this next week. Pattern by Sarah K Benning.

Sneak peek – Elephant Ear Plant continued

The leaves took forever, partially because by the last leaf (the one nearest the right side of the hoop) I was, I’ll admit, getting a little bored but the leaves are done now and I’m storming ahead, with the plant pot and table (bar the legs) completed and I’ve made a good start with the…

Sneak peek – elephant ear plant

I am currently in the mood for slow, detailed embroidery that takes ages. This is the elephant ear plant pattern from Sarah K Benning (she changes the patterns in her shop on a monthly basis, so this one is no longer available).