Sneak peek – another Dropcloth sampler

My creative mojo isn’t particularly strong at the moment, so that’s the perfect time for a Dropcloth sampler to come to the rescue (I have several stored away as genuine emergency crafting measures).

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

I couldn’t resist doing Dropcloth’s Christmas pattern (sorry, no link, Rebecca’s shop is currently closed as she’s on maternity leave). Yes, I used to work as a biologist and yes, I did just embroider mistletoe berries red 😳.

ANOTHER Dropcloth sampler

Whilst binging on Dropcloth’s big samplers, I’d also signed up, quite a while ago, for a Dropcloth monthly subscription and I’d been letting those fall by the wayside a bit but it’s been lovely knowing that they were there. Anyway, I’d finished my latest big Dropcloth sampler and I needed something to stitch in quiet…

Milky Way sampler

I finished the Dropcloth Milky Way sampler last night. It felt kind of apt that I was also binge listening to the audiobook of Becky Chambers’ Record of a Spaceborn Few at the same time (it’s the third in an excellent sci-fi series, honestly, even if you don’t like reading sci-fi, give it a chance…