Sneak peek – another Dropcloth sampler

My creative mojo isn’t particularly strong at the moment, so that’s the perfect time for a Dropcloth sampler to come to the rescue (I have several stored away as genuine emergency crafting measures).

Sneak peek – slow progress

I’ve been very slowly working on a new design since January. It’s massive, it took months (with a lot of off and on again) just to design the thing. It will take even longer to stitch…..

Finished scarf

I’ve finally finished a scarf that I’ve been working on, on and off, since January. It had initially been planned as a Christmas present and it probably still will be, although I’m not sure that the recipient is particularly a scarf person but it’s the thought that counts. It’s my own ‘design’. The wool, which…


I think I started this back in February, it took ages but totally worth it. This is the Marbled pattern by Lark Rising. It was a little difficult to fit in the hoop properly, all that satin stitching made the fabric quite bulky and stiff.

Sneak peek – craft space

My craft space is limited, it’s lucky that my main craft is embroidery, as that doesn’t take up much space (most of the time). I’ve lived in this flat for 15 years now (parents with small children be warned, moving to a tiny flat because it’s in a catchment area for a good school, with…

Sneak peek – working on a scarf

This, when started at the end of December, was meant to be a late Christmas present but well, it’s for Christmas 2019 now. I only have a square and a half to go but it’s a bit late for a scarf! Pattern is my own and I’m using Paintbox Chunky, which is very soft and…

Sneak peek – making a start on the Forager Vest

I miss sewing, I only have two or three possible days to do it each week and of course those days have other demands on them too. So when you’re trying to squeeze something in to a relatively short period of time, all the tasks that are part of sewing, can gang up in one…