Moving blogs

Screenshot 2019-11-29 at 14.03.26

I know that I haven’t been blogging much here lately, I’ve decided to jump ship over to Squarespace and to move the majority of my social media over to my own name (I am still keeping my original twitter account back from my original blog, for my political ranting). The new blog is a little empty right now, there’s just a post about another Good Times blanket (I can’t stop making them), but there will be the usual craft stuff, photos, books and maybe a little bit less food, but still probably some. I have new twitter and Instagram accounts that at the moment are just flagging when I post something on the new blog, but if I can tear myself away from the car crash politics and stop ranting on my private Twitter account for a bit, other stuff will probably go up on my public accounts too. You can find the links for them on my new blog. I will also eventually be opening stores under my own name too.

I’ll keep this blog public for a little while longer, many thanks to those people who followed me here.

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