What I’ve been eating this month – October 2019

Cooking has been difficult this month, our food budget, out of necessity, has been slashed. I will always advocate that home-cooked food, is, most of the time, cheaper, but you have to have the time to go home cook that food, plus the time and the energy to commit to minutely menu planning for the entire week, so that tub of cream, for example, gets used up, across a range of meals across the week, before it goes out of date. Anyway, I’ve had to pick up a lot more overtime, plus the time it takes just to go and get the food across a range of supermarkets plus the market, whichever has the cheapest deals (I don’t drive and I am trying to avoid using the bus). So consequently, cooking a meal or that cheap packet of noodles? I go for the noodles. So I haven’t cooked properly much this month.

4.10.19 Ratatouille


This is ratatouille from The Magic Fridge, here on top of a jacket potato and underneath a layer of melted cheese. The good thing about The Magic Fridge book, as the name suggests, you make stuff in batches and either put it in the fridge or in the freezer. So, anyway, I’ve had quite a bit of ratatouille this month, as well as with jacket potatoes, it also goes with rice, I think it would also be rather nice in a quesadilla, with more cheese. Anyway, luckily it’s a nice recipe.

20.10.19 Cherry Tomato and Cheddar Square


Hey, it’s more cheese. Actually, this was really nice, it’s Cherry Tomato and Cheddar Square from Fast and Fresh One Pound Meals. Barclay billed the tomatoes as packing a powerful punch, he also claimed it tastes a bit like pizza but with twice the intensity of flavour. I was dubious, I’m one of those fussy people who will happily eat her pizza or her pasta drenched in tomato, but I don’t like whole tomatoes. Over the last few years I have been trying to coax myself, if a sandwich has slices of tomato in, I don’t automatically fish them out now, which, I tell you, is progress. So I thought my tastebuds might just be mature enough to cope with this, and yay me, I was right. Barclay was right too, the tomatoes did pack a powerful punch, helped by being quickly tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper, before being put on the pastry, and it was (with the added oregano, also in the recipe), like a really extra flavoursome pizza. I have a go-to tart recipe, a long mutated version of a leek thing, which I think originated from a Nigel Slater recipe, and this recipe doesn’t quite replace this, but it will be something I make again, and I’ll be keeping the cherry tomatoes on the top.

21.10.19 Summer Chicken Pie


This was another Fast and Fresh One Pound Meal recipe, adapted a bit, as it’s meant to use filo pastry, but I was using up the puff pastry from the day before. Anyway, I’m not a massive pie person, but this was really nice.


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