On the menu – Make-Me-Better Mug


I have a stinking cold (perfect timing as I have a job interview soon), so I thought I’d try Jack Monroe’s Make-Me-Better Mug (you can find the recipe here). It’s turmeric, lemon, ginger, honey and a little pinch of cayenne pepper (that last bit is optional). So baring in mind my taste buds are pretty non-functioning, the first mug (the recipe is for about a litre of the stuff), after it had been freshly made, tasted mainly of turmeric, which is okay I suppose, better than Lemsip anyway. The second mug, after the lemon had been steeping for a while, definitely tasted more lemony, which was better. Whether it works, I don’t know, still feeling quite rough but then a cold and a very long day working two jobs will do that to you, nice drink or not. I’ll probably keep trying with it.


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