Sneak peek – vertical herb garden

I love this time of year when you can start getting back into the garden. I’m starting a new vertical herb garden (herb wall planter from Rocket Gardens – not an ad, they’re just lovely, their brochure fell through my door the other day and, well, it was instant purchasing). It’s obviously not completely full yet but so far, there’s garlic chives, which I’ve had for a few years now, they had been living in a very root bound pot that got regularly, massively waterlogged, it’s amazing that it survived. I separated the chives out into three (there’s another pot elsewhere) and I’m not totally sure whether I’ve just killed it, I keep watching closely to see. Other than the garlic chives, there’s also mint, rosemary and thyme, all three from the supermarket, as I was too impatient and haven’t had chance to go to a garden centre yet. Whether they’ll survive or not, they probably have a better chance than when they’re normally kept, ignored, on my kitchen window sill.

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