On the menu – Pocket Potatoes and Aubergine Larb


More of an idea than a recipe, this is a pocket potato, as inspired by Ella Risbridger’s Midnight Chicken. The idea being, you pack a foil wrapped baked potato in your pocket as you go out for your picnic. It does require some forethought and it depends what time you’re leaving the house to go to your picnic, but these were in the oven just before 9am and were ready for us to hop on the bus for us to get to our picnic destination (Kew Gardens) by 12, and when they were unwrapped they were still lovely and warm. It was an unseasonably warm April day for a picnic though, so tucking into a hot potato did seem a little odd, they’re probably better for Autumn or Winter walks but I’ve been desperate to find the right time to give them a try for ages. Normally when I go for a walk, I’m out of the house by 9 and I’m not organised enough to bake a jacket potato beforehand but I can imagine that having one of these in your pocket on a cold day would be absolutely lovely. I do, as well, need to invest in some proper picnic gear! I’m trying to be mindful of the environment, cost and how little storage space I have with my purchases but I have been eyeing up something like this. Also, a bit of a negative, carrying hot potatoes and cold everything else for the picnic, meant two bags, which was a bit of a pain. However, if/when I’m organised enough in the future, I’m definitely doing this again.


Aubergine Larb from Vegan One Pound Meals, it was really nice!


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