On the menu – Mac and No Cheese


There’s a new One Pound Meals book out, woo hoo!!! This one is vegan and I was a little unsure about whether to buy it, as I have an intolerance to a lot of typically vegan foods but it’s One Pound Meals, I bought it anyway and I’m glad I did. There are some recipes I won’t be able to make but most either don’t have ingredients I’m intolerant to or I can miss it out or make a substitute. I suppose a benefit of it being a One Pound Meals book, as yes I know not all vegan substitutes are expensive but some are and by missing them out, these are more the sort of recipes where the ingredients are easy to get hold off and that you might have already. Such as ‘Mac and No Cheese’, I already had everything in the house I needed for the recipe.

The result is rather nice, it doesn’t have much of an even passing resemblance to mac and cheese mind you but it’s thick, creamy and savoury. It’s also relatively quick and easy to make, quicker than a proper mac and cheese anyway.

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