Sneak peek – craft space

My craft space is limited, it’s lucky that my main craft is embroidery, as that doesn’t take up much space (most of the time). I’ve lived in this flat for 15 years now (parents with small children be warned, moving to a tiny flat because it’s in a catchment area for a good school, with the plan to eventually move slightly further away, doesn’t always work, yes we got both kids into good schools but the price gap between tiny two bed flat and small three bed terrace, got bigger and bigger and bigger and now the only way we could climb up the property ladder and stay in our area would be to win the lottery, so now we’re a family that’s gone from two adults and a baby to two adults and two teenagers, but hey, at least they’re two teenagers with a good education, and yes part of me does feel guilty for playing the education system this way), anyway, back to craft, it’s a chicken and egg situation, is it just fortuitous that my main craft is the minimal space embroidery or is my main craft, embroidery, because I don’t have enough space? I do watch Great British Sewing Bee and sigh.

Anyway, the photo above is of the gap behind my bedroom door and next to my wardrobe. Not seen in the photo, are two small laundry baskets on the floor underneath (they fit the space better than one bigger laundry basket). Anyway, on the wall is some of my craft stuff. I’ve just finished sticking together the pieces for the Forager Vest, just doing that took long enough, due to space issues and I think it will be a while before I find the time and space to cut the fabric. Just sticking out from underneath, in a grey Cass Art bag, is a loaded up tapestry frame with the next pattern that will be in my shop, it’s a massive pattern, so I’m currently estimating July for that one.


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