On the menu – Mug Marmite Mac and cheese


This really doesn’t look like much but this was so gorgeous. It’s Mug Marmite Mac and Cheese from Jack Monroe’s Cooking on a Bootstrap (you can also find the recipe here) and it is so good. I’ve made microwave mug mac and cheeses before and they’ve never really worked for me, so I was a little dubious but boy does this work. I made just one substitution, Jack suggests half a beef stock cube in the recipe, although you don’t have to add it, just like you don’t have to add the Marmite if you’re a hater (ADD the Marmite, you just get a deep savouriness, it’s not that Marmite-y), anyway I didn’t have a beef stock cube, so I added half a veg stock cube instead and yum 😋. I will be making this again and again and again.


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