On the menu – Red Pepper & Tomato Risotto and Pizza Boats


This is from the James Wong 10-a-day book, it’s an ‘interesting’ way to cook risotto. It’s basically everything bunged together, with the liquid being milk and cooked for a long time. The milk bit was interesting, it made the risotto sort of like a savoury rice pudding but the whole bung everything in and cook it for a long time, well my pan is going to have to have an extremely long soak. It also meant I had to watch it like a hawk, which, sorry, for recipes that are meant to take 50 minutes on the hob, is not good, normal risotto requires watching but takes 25 minutes max. Anyway, as it turned out, if I had left it for 50 minutes, we’d have been eating carbon for tea, I thought it looked ready after about 30 minutes and when tested, it was already a bit too soft. So, interesting but I won’t be repeating this, maybe you could adapt an oven based rice pudding recipe, to make a similar recipe but on the hob, even on the lowest setting, too easy to burn and over cook.


A slightly adapted (it’s meant to be pepperoni) recipe from Tasty. It was okay, although the term pizza could only be very very loosely applied.

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