On the menu – not chicken soup and ‘not’ mac & cheese


This is Not Chicken Soup from Anna Jones’ The Modern Cook’s Year. It’s meant to have a tofu topping, which would have been delicious but I’m intolerant, hence the pancetta. The whole thing is rather nice, I’ve made chicken soup before and been really uninspired by the broth, ‘Not Chicken Soup’ is meant to have the same savouriness of a good chicken soup but without the chicken and it really works! It’s filling too, it would have been fine without the pancetta too. I think it would also be nice topped with some actual chicken.


This is Mac & Cheese from James Wong’s 10-a-day the easy way and it’s really nice, intensely savoury but it’s not mac & cheese, it’s a pasta bake in a creamy, vegetable sauce. The principle vegetables involved are red pepper and sweet potato, I think this would also be nice with red pepper and butternut squash, although you’d have to roast the squash first.


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