On the menu – Peri Peri Tacos and Whatever Noodle Salad


These are Peri Peri Tacos from Miguel Barclay’s Super Easy One Pound Meals and they were okay, the chicken was nice but everything else a bit bland.


This is the Whatever Noodle Salad from the Carbs book and I’m not having the most successful week with my cooking, apparently, as although this was edible, it was, as if this were ever possible, far too garlicky (I can’t believe I actually have a limit with garlic). Other than being too garlicky, it was also, somehow, too bland. In fairness to Laura Goodman, I had made some changes, it was meant to be rice noodles, which I hate, so I used wholewheat and there’s meant to be fish sauce and soy sauce in there. I never use fish sauce anyway but god I miss soy sauce. I had thought about getting some coconut aminos but as I also possibly have a coconut intolerance, I didn’t want to risk it.


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