On the menu – sweet potato fries and banana chocolate chip muffins


I am not a massive fan of sweet potato, I’ll eat it if it’s mixed in with butternut squash (one of my favourite vegetables of all time) but on its own, nah. But one of my kids likes sweet potatoes and she got her hands on my Tasty app recently and bookmarked some recipes, including these sweet potato fries. I managed to burn them a bit but these were actually rather nice, the household sweet potato fan adored them, my son though didn’t like them, I definitely thought they were edible, possibly because they’ve got a ton of rosemary on and rosemary is almost up there with garlic in making everything taste much nicer.


These are Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins from the Mary Berry Fast Cakes book. They’re okay, they’re actually a bit too chocolate-y for my taste but that’s probably due to using broken chunks of Green & Black’s 70% chocolate (it was in the cupboard, so I thought I’d use it), you can’t really taste the banana, still, cake is cake.


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