On the menu – Masala Pepper & Potatoes and Chicken Fajita Pasta


This is a recipe from the Food with Chetna YouTube channel and it was really nice but when I make it next time (which I will), I will have to remember to cut the potato cubes much smaller as they took longer to cook than the recipe said, so the onions were getting cremated.


This was rather nice, Chicken Fajita Pasta from Tasty. I followed the suggested adaptation of replacing some of the milk with stock (vegetable, as that’s all I had), as it’s a lot of milk otherwise and I was a bit worried about the pasta cooking properly otherwise (it’s one of those all in one things). Also, the recipe says it’s for two, it comfortably fed three and could easily have fed four. Anyway, it tasted very much like one of those packet pastas I lived off when I was a teenager but obviously the home cooked version

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