On the menu – Marathon Bar Porridge, two attempts at Spelt Sourdough, Marble Cake and Breakfast Biscuits


This was exactly how I like my porridge, so thick you can stand your spoon up in it. This is Marathon Bar Porridge from Dirty Vegan and it was gorgeous. Only alterations were that I swapped almond milk for hazelnut milk and forgot to put the sugar in, so sprinkled some on top. Also, I missed out the peanuts on top but it has that whole salty sweet thing going on with the crunchy peanut butter that I stirred in.

I’d been working on my spelt sourdough starter for nearly a week and this was the first day where my schedule gave me enough time to make a loaf. I set up my starter using the instructions on the Dove Farms site, so I followed their instructions to make the loaf as well (same link). The result was, well, flat. It had stuck massively to the proving basket, so when I turned it out onto the baking tray, it lost its shape and didn’t recover. The result, despite being flat, is edible but practically, it’s a bit of a disaster, as I really need bread that I can actually toast and make sandwiches with. I’m going to keep the starter going and I’ve found a new recipe to try but once again, time, I don’t think I’m going to be able to see if I have a toastable – sandwichable loaf until late Sunday evening at the earliest.


I made Marble Cake from Mary Berry’s Fast Cakes, on my lunch break, I can foresee baking on my lunch break becoming a thing. The only alteration I made to it was swapping self raising flour with spelt flour and adding extra baking powder. Anyway, the result was lovely, a very moreish cake. The marbling is in three colours; ‘cake colour’, chocolate and red, the red hasn’t come out that well (I am always very dubious about putting too much food colouring in, so whenever I use the stuff, the colour always turns out barely there). The chocolate was just the right level of chocolate-ness and the cake as a whole, had a slight nutty flavour from the spelt. Personally I would have preferred to have made it with wheat flour but cake is cake, and I’m glad to be able to have some.


Sunday was attempt number 2 at making spelt sourdough, as you can see, it didn’t work, the same problem of it holding its shape again. I used the method from James Morton’s Brilliant Bread this time, it used a lot more starter and wiped pretty much all my supply out. The result, as well as flat, did taste nicer than attempt number 1 but it still wasn’t practical. I ended up sticking my starter bowl in the dishwasher.

I also made Breakfast Biscuits on Sunday, they were edible but to be honest, not that nice (I won’t bother linking to the recipe that I got from Pinterest).


No cooking from scratch today (if you discount cheese on toast). I’ve decided to discontinue the FODMAP diet, it’s making my symptoms worse not better. I’ve been unintentionally following part of the FODMAP diet for a year now (no legumes, no cabbage) and since before Christmas have cut out artificial sweeteners, that also helps, but cutting out the rest, even temporarily, doesn’t work for me. I have enjoyed the excuse to bake more though, I need to remember that I like baking.

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