Two more last minute cowls

I made two more Last Minute Cowls this week, one for me (the grey one) and the other for a friend of my daughter’s. I particularly like the colour combination I used for the one for S’s friend, it’s the most contrasting combination I’ve used yet and the two colours reminded me of white chocolate and milk chocolate.

I’m a little bit disappointed with the cowl I made for myself, I’ve made four now, and the other three have some ‘body’ and stand up when worn (I did have a try on with the one I made for S’s friend to check), you can see how they stand up in the blog post for the cowl I made my daughter but my one doesn’t do that, it drapes. It’s the same wool (Rowan Cocoon), same needles etc. I’m still wearing it and it still looks nice, although the drape means that there’s a bit of a gap at the neck, which is not nice when a cold wind is blowing but I could have really done with a cowl with body, as my TMJ (very painful jaw joints) is threatening to flare up with the cold weather and having a cowl or scarf that covers the bottom half of your face does help. Also I am such a Londoner, the thought of having a cowl to hide behind is rather attractive! Maybe if I wash it carefully???? I don’t know. As you may have guessed, I’m really enjoying knitting at the moment and although I currently have another two projects on the go, a further two projects waiting to be started (in one case restarted) and a project in mind that I’ve literally wanted to make for years but never felt confident about until now, maybe another cowl, maybe with a different pattern, might be in order for me.

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