20 Flower Embroideries and a Pin Jar Tutorial

Ta da! It took me a lot longer than I thought but my ebook, 20 Flower Embroideries is finally out! You can find it in both my Etsy and Folksy stores. It features embroidery patterns for my favourite twenty flowers from my #100embroideredflowers project last Spring – Summer.

Cherry Blossom
Cow Parsley
White Bluebells
Wild Garlic
Red Rose
Welsh Onion
Sweet Alyssum
Pride of Madeira
Passion Flower

20 flowers

Each pattern comes with colour and stitch suggestions, and there is also an embroidery how-to in the back.

Cow parsley previewHOW TO SAMPLE
Every Saturday, up to Christmas, I’ll be posting tutorials for projects you can do using the embroidery patterns in the ebook or from my free sample, which I posted last week, (here’s the link again to the daisy download). I’ll be using different flowers for each tutorial, but for most of the projects you can pick and choose which flower pattern you want to use. For example, with my daisy cushion from last week, you could replace the daisies with the red rose, primrose, hypericum or calendula patterns. Same with this week’s tutorial, you could use the daisy pattern or another one of the repeat patterns from the book.

pin cushion 2

How To Make A Pin Jar

FE pin cushion tutorial-01

1. You need your finished embroidery piece (of a suitable size to fit the top of your jar lid, with a bit of extra fabric around the edge), a jar with a lid where the top of the lid can be separated from the rim of the lid (often known as a mason jar) and a small amount of toy stuffing.

FE pin cushion tutorial-02

2. Separate the two parts of your jam jar lid, place a small amount of toy stuffing (but more than you think you should need, as the stuffing does compress down quite a lot) on the top piece of the lid, then centre your finished embroidery piece over the lid top and stuffing. Then take the rim part of the jam jar lid and place it over the embroidery/stuffing/top of lid combo, pushing the top of the lid into the rim. Check to see that the embroidery design is centred and that you’ve put in enough stuffing (you may need to dismantle the lid and start again with more stuffing, if you’re not happy with the rise of the pin cushion). Pull the fabric dangling underneath the rim tight, so that there are not any visible creases on the top of the pin cushion, then trim away any excess material. You now have a completed lid; you’ll find that it doesn’t screw on to the jam jar quite as well as a normal jam jar lid, but it should be good enough to hold your sewing bits and bobs securely.

pin cushion 1


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