Last Minute Cowl

That’s the first of my handmade Christmas presents done. The pattern is the Last Minute Cowl from Churchmouse Yarns and it was pretty quick to do, I started it on Tuesday and it’s Friday today and obviously life happened in between.

(In a Twitter convo recently I said that I wasn’t going grey yet, the above photo seems to think otherwise)

I wish that everyone on my gift list was female because the Last Minute Cowl was so easy and pleasurable to do, I could happily make loads more. But alas the rest are male or in couples, although I will be making one for my daughter and probably one for me too.

PS The label on the cowl is from Sublime Stitching, it didn’t actually take forever but I wasn’t sure whether the recipient would realise it was handmade otherwise, although a close look at some of the stitches would probably give it away!


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