On the menu – Autumn Carbs


I’m really struggling to find time to cook at the moment, so a cookbook I bought a week or two ago has been torturing me, Carbs by Laura Goodman, the whole book just makes you hungry, it’s got a whole section just on chips *swoons*. Anyway, I’d been planning on making the Pizza Hut Buffet Macaroni Cheese recipe pretty much as soon as I read it and it was worth the wait. It’s called Pizza Hut Buffet Macaroni Cheese because it has a lot of the things you would have found in the Pizza Hut buffet in the 90s, you know, peppers, sun dried tomatoes, olives (although I missed those out, bleurgh). It also has (optional) pepperoni (which I did add). This is no 20 minute meal or 5 ingredient recipe, it was simple enough but it does use a lot of ingredients and so it takes a while. It’s a very decadent dish and probably not one I’m going to make very often (for the sake of my waistline) but it is gorgeous (and yes, it tastes exactly like Pizza Hut buffet). Be prepared though, if you make the full recipe (which is 5 or 6 portions, I’ve frozen the rest of mine), you need big saucepans.

Flautas were for tea (yes, I was having a beige-ish food day). I’d never heard of flautas until I saw Tasty tweet this recipe. I was instantly intrigued and have since found loads more flauta recipes on Pinterest but I thought I’d adapt the first recipe I saw (I had to adapt it, the Tasty recipe was for a party ring!). Anyway, flautas are quite nice, they’re pretty crunchy, so you really need something like salsa to dip them in (which I did). I know that I also didn’t roll them anywhere near tightly enough and they were a bit over cooked. I think though, if anything just for the speed, I still prefer quesadillas but I think flautas will occasionally appear in my wrap repertoire.


This is Baked Mozzarella and Polenta from Super Easy One Pound Meals and oh was it good. Really easy to make and so warming and comforting. I will have to make sure that I have mozzarella in the fridge more often, as everything else is pretty much store cupboard stuff. Added bonus, it smells amazing when cooking too.

Looks really nice, right? Well, the filling was gorgeous, I know this because I was eating it out of the shells with a teaspoon, whilst waiting for some bagels to pop in the toaster because the pasta itself was absolutely not cooked. The recipe is Stuffed Conchiglioni Bake from the Super Easy One Pound Meals book and I hate it when a recipe doesn’t work to such an extent you have to resort to toast (or bagels) instead for tea, it’s such a waste of food for a start. I don’t know, maybe it was the brand I used but I think the recipe really should have said to at least partially cook the pasta on the hob first. I know that makes filling the shells more tricky but at least you’d have a meal at the end of it. Also, the recipe called for 200g passata per person, I was cooking this for two and only had 200g passata, so I added another 200ml of water instead. I think if I had 400g passata, the pasta wouldn’t have cooked at all. It feels a particular shame because the filling, like I said was delicious, I will have to experiment.



After yesterday’s pasta disaster, I was keeping it simple with Ham & Leek Risotto from Super Easy One Pound Meals and it was delicious.

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