Sneak peek – Good Times Blanket

I now have two blankets on the go, the Intarsia Mountain blanket is currently on a back burner, I’m still loving doing it but it’s quite limiting about where and when I can work on it, basically it has to be on my bed, with the multiple balls of wool spread out, the only distraction, an audiobook. Whereas this Good Times Blanket by Wool and the Gang, is so satisfyingly easy to knit, I can knit it anywhere, outside music class (as in the photo), on the bus, on the train, watching TV, etc. etc. So I’ve been working on it a lot.

I’m currently trying to restart my craft business, so I’ve been working a lot on that, it’s all computer stuff at the moment but even when I’m physically making stuff, I try and make sure that as well as ‘business crafting’, I also do crafting just because. The blankets are my just because crafting at the moment, which is good because crafting on trains etc is really the only personal crafting time I’m getting. The Good Times Blanket does have a ‘purpose’ though, as it will be a Christmas present for my son. The Good Times Blanket has six stripes, in the kit, you choose three colours and you get two balls of each, so the blanket goes colour A, colour B, colour C, then repeat one more time. I’m currently on the first stripe of the second colour, the rather pleasingly named (and fun to knit) ‘TV static’. You can just see the first colour, green, in the photo, the third colour will be orange. I reckon that the blanket will be portable for commuting etc until about the fourth stripe, from that point it will be exclusively my TV knitting blanket and I will start a second Good Times Blanket for commuting knitting, which will be for my daughter. Hopefully by the time the second Good Times Blanket gets too big for commuting, I’ll have watched enough TV to have finished the first Good Times Blanket, so the second will become my TV knitting and my commuting knitting will be knitting a hat. So hopefully by Christmas I will have two completed blankets as Christmas presents and a warm head, I don’t know about the Intarsia Mountain blanket though.


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