Thames Path South – section 3c

We did the next bit of section 3 on the south side of the Thames Path today, Greenwich to Thames Barrier. It was considerably nicer weather than when we did sections 3a and b, so some photos.

Excuse the mainly black and white shots, the area felt very much a black and white area, when it wasn’t posh flats (which weren’t that photogenic) it was very industrial and/or derelict. There were bits where it felt hard to remember that this was actually a walking path. I wouldn’t recommend walking this towards dusk or, possibly, on your own.

Reaching the Thames Barrier marked the official end of the Thames Path but the Transport for London site does have an extension. I will probably do it (not until next Spring) but I’m beginning to tire of schlepping across London to difficult to reach places, to go and walk in slightly dodgy areas.


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