Sneak peek – more intarsia mountain blanket

I’m still loving working on the Intarsia Mountain Blanket by Hands Occupied, I’m still making mistakes (and it’s difficult to photograph at the moment), if you look at the Hands Occupied link above, you knit it top down and I’m currently on the tip of the dark red mountain. It’s lovely to be introducing such a strong, different colour to the blanket but ooh, at the tips of all the mountains so far, I’ve been struggling with holes. Also looking at the photo in the link, my mid blue mountain is *ahem* not going to look like that and I’m a cross stitcher for goodness sake, I should be able to count! Anyway, I am still having fun. Doubly anyway, due to the lack of actual in progress shot this week, here it is overflowing from my knitting bag, which is really designed for socks, gloves, scarves etc not blankets. I have a new bag (a bigger size to my current one, which is from JesabelleB) waiting for me at the post office.

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