Sneak peek – intarsia blanket progress

(It’s difficult photographing a blanket in progress)

I’ve been really enjoying working on this, I have made some mistakes, I lost count on the peak of one of the blue mountains and so the shape isn’t as smooth and, during a very rare argument between my kids (I know that I am extremely lucky that they don’t argue at all often, I know how often siblings normally argue), I managed to, in the putting down and picking up of my knitting, completely loose where I was and ended up knitting in the wrong direction, some unpicking ensued but I think once the blanket is finished, close inspection will be able to find exactly the spot I was knitting during the great cello argument of 2018. There’s also some holes near the beginning of where I’ve added new colours but I am fairly confident those will be fixed when I weave in the loose ends.

(Pattern Hands Occupied)

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