Sneak peek – learning intarsia

When the weather gets cooler, I pick up my knitting needles, I only knit in the Autumn – Winter months so I am not a brilliant knitter but I find it (mostly) relaxing and I like seeing me very slowly pick up new skills. For years I was scarves and that was it but over recent years I’ve taught myself to knit hats and even (after quite a few aborted attempts) rib but after a disastrous attempt to knit a tank top, my interest in knitting any form of clothing other than scarves, hats and very simple gloves, has been very much categorised into “I’m not going there again in a hurry”, so I’m making a blanket.

The blanket is Intarsia Mountain by Heidi Gustad from Hands Occupied, it’s a read along – stitch along. As I’m new to intarsia, I watched an excellent how to video from Heidi and had a go at the practice swatch first. The practice swatch, as you can see, is not perfect, some of my stitches are a bit loose, it’s a little holey in places (although I haven’t sewn in the loose ends, which I know would help fix that) and as you can see, particularly at the top of the swatch, my ability to follow a pattern is a bit 😳, I will have to be particularly careful of that when I start the blanket. However, I do rather like intarsia, it’s like a cross between knitting and cross stitch, in the way how blocks of colour come together, I like how logical it feels.

Anyway, you can find the pattern here. I had some issues with my download and Heidi was brilliant sorting it out, so it feels particularly good to give her pattern a shout out.

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