Mended jeans

Note to self – maybe wear a slightly more flattering jumper when taking blog selfies.

I so wanted the Make + Mend book by Jessica Marquez, that on seeing how difficult it was to get hold of in the UK (the release date keeps changing and although it’s currently listed as released on the UK Amazon site, it’s saying ‘usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months), that I ordered it from the US Amazon site, which was surprisingly quick, easy and the postage wasn’t too expensive. Now I’m not normally that excited about a craft book but Jessica Marquez’s Instagram was so good, I just had to have the book.

Anyway, I got hold of the book and it’s just as lovely as I thought it would be, filled with sashiko inspired embroidery projects, both new stuff you can make from scratch and mending projects. There are so many things in the book I want to try.


First up was ‘mending’ my jeans. I’ve quote marked the ‘mending’ because these were pre-ripped jeans bought from M&S last spring, the rips were fine at first but with repeated washing, they were getting bigger and I didn’t fancy going into winter with increasingly larger holes on my thighs. For the moment (at least) I’ve left the hole on the knee, I may patch that later with the Heavy Duty Mending technique from the Make + Mend book.


I am so pleased with the result of the mending. I didn’t have sashiko thread or a sashiko needle, so I used normal embroidery floss / embroidery needle (I have some sashiko stuff on order now, now that I know I wasn’t to do more). The pattern I used wasn’t the pattern in the jeans tutorial but inspired by one of the patterns elsewhere in the book, I love how Make + Mend has that magic craft book flexibility of giving you ideas and instructions on how to do stuff and a range of patterns but you don’t have to stick rigidly to this pattern goes with this project sort of stuff.

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