I’m planning on starting a monthly photo post of photos I’m pleased with that month but after a recent trip to Bournemouth, I’ve had so many photos that I’m happy with, I thought I’d do a separate post.

We had some very variable weather.

With one morning wet enough to drive us into the aquarium.

But the weather luckily cleared enough for us to walk to Sandbanks in the afternoon.

The route to Sandbanks, along a tarmac path until the last bit, was lined with beach huts of all varieties, which I was so curious about and then of course the actual houses at Sandbanks, wow, if I had quite a few million, I wouldn’t say no, but I’m not going to take photos of random (rich) people’s houses, so here’s some street toilet art and the end of the tarmac path (where the 💰 begins).

We then crossed over the spit of land and got a glimpse of Poole Harbour.

The next day, we spent some time near the sea, with the weather changeable as always.

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