5 things I liked this week – 30.6.18

1. Another excellent walk through Richmond Park.

2. More quality time with the cat (me looking hot, sweaty and a mess, whereas the cat looks far more put together).

3. The kids’ school getting an excellent, well deserved Ofsted report. I’m always highly appreciative of the opportunities my kids get and I know full stop that most teachers work bloody hard, so it’s always good to see that recognised.

4. Actually cooking something and I so actually cooked something, I made muffins later on in the week too (well, I would have anyway, as it was K’s birthday but cooking something twice in a week is a record for me at the moment). The muffins were K’s favourite blueberry muffins from the Friends cookbook, which I’ve blogged before on my old blog. The muffins are his favourite and I very very rarely make them as I’m (when I cook) always too enamoured with shiny new recipes.

5. I’ve been devouring Stephen King’s The Outsider this week and it is so so good. I’ve almost finished it, so I think that it may make my monthly book post later on today but for the moment, ooh it’s good.

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