On the menu – Butternut Pasta Soup

Sorry for the recent On the Menu absence, my new job is seriously cramping my cooking style and I suspect it will continue to do so, so food posts will be sporadic, although my job is term time only, so more cooking may be done in the summer holidays.


This is Butternut Pasta Soup from Nadiya’s Family Favourites, I had to fiddle with the amounts, as I was using frozen butternut squash chunks (always great to have in the freezer) and I only had enough for one portion of soup. I think that I added too much pasta and I did manage to burn it (burn soup!), so it was more like a pasta risotto than soup but oh I like my soups that way, thick as baby food. This was gorgeous, thick, creamy and melt in the mouth. I think that I also added slightly too much chipotle chilli flakes, I like my heat (and I love the smokiness of chipotle chilli flakes) but it was slightly too much heat for me, I will have to remember that next time because there will be a next time. Oh and balsamic vinegar as a topping, genius! Nadiya also suggests watercress which I think would have been also gorgeous.

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