5 things I liked this week – 9.6.18

Just realised that I forgot to post this yesterday.

1. A good morning at my new job.

2. The new Nespresso iced coffee, as a only few years in, coffee convert, the arrival of iced coffee season is still rather exciting, I virtually bounded up to the Nespresso counter when I saw that they had new iced coffee in, having been eagerly awaiting it for a few weeks. I went for the Ispirazione Shakerato option, I don’t add sugar and I don’t have a shaker (I just carefully shake my coffee in a tall heat proof glass, although I am tempted to get one) but it’s still pretty frothy, which is how I like my coffee, it’s also got a lovely taste too.

3. A new Frey and McGray is out! I love it when a new book comes out in a series that I like. So I had fun reading that this week. If you like Victorian police mysteries with a touch of the supernatural, these are the ones for you, particularly if you like the Inspector McLean books, Frey and McGray feel like McLean’s Victorian forebears.

4. Walking through St. James’ Park and geeking out at the architecture of St. James’ station.

5. Another new book out that I’m excited about is Capture or Kill by Tom Marcus. Now I don’t often read thrillers (although I go through phases) but I read Tom Marcus’ biography last year and it was one of my favourite books of 2017, so I thought I’d give it ago. Tom Marcus is an ex MI5 agent and Capture or Kill is the first in a series about a MI5 agent, so there’s lots of realistic sounding detail (things like being called off following a suspected terrorist due to health and safety). I’m currently about half way through and I’m enjoying it.

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